Patent Number: 7,708,030

Title: Hydraulic joint articulated device and use thereof with a heat radiator

Abstract: A hydraulic joint articulated device (1) effectively supports a radiator allowing a remarkable freedom of motion and has a pair of articulated connectors (2), each comprising: hinge members (5, 6) apt to be assembled and comprising a respective hydraulic channel (7, 8), in which there is obtained a pin seat (9, 10) with a tubular pin (14) having a respective hydraulic channel (21) forming a hydraulic joint extending between the respective connector seats (11, 12); and a valve seat (22) at one end of said tubular pin (14), and a respective shutter member (23) located in an opening (24) obtained in one (5) of said hinge members (5, 6), further comprising, at each articulated connector (2), a tubular duct (29) extending from the respective connector seat (11) to a mouthpiece section (30) apt to receive a waterworks piping (4), extending inside a masonry.

Inventors: Bergamante; Raffaele (Teramo (TE), IT)

Assignee: Bozzi; Alejandro

International Classification: F16L 35/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018