Patent Number: 7,708,091

Title: Apparatuses and methods for providing hybrid steering for a vehicle

Abstract: Steering control apparatuses and methods for a vehicle are provided. A steering control apparatus can include a steering shaft drivingly linked to a pair of front wheels of a vehicle. A movable steering handle can also be provided and disposed about the steering shaft, with the steering handle being capable of selectively turning the pair of front wheels to direct the movement of the vehicle. A first and second brake clutch mechanism for engaging and disengaging first and second drive wheels, respectively, can be provided. First and second brake clutch control levers can selectively control the first and second brake clutch mechanism, respectively, to engage and disengage the first and second drive wheels. The steering handle can include a coupling base. The coupling base can engage the steering shaft to permit decoupling of the steering handle from the steering shaft allowing the steering shaft and the linked pair of front wheels to turn free of the steering handle while the steering handle is still disposed about the steering shaft.

Inventors: Osborne; Christopher M. (Efland, NC)

Assignee: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B60K 17/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018