Patent Number: 7,708,173

Title: Self-orienting aerosol apparatus and method of cleaning a trash can

Abstract: An orienting skirt joined to an aerosol can, the orienting skirt having a generally arcuate rim extending outward such that when the can is placed on a flat surface, the rim urges the can into a predetermined generally stable horizontal configuration with the discharge nozzle oriented in an upright direction. A full release actuator is disposed adjacent to the valve stem of the aerosol can and has a trigger and a discharge nozzle such that when the trigger is pressed the contents of the aerosol can are dispensed through the discharge nozzle. With the discharge nozzle in an upright direction, the contents of the can are dispersed more evenly on the interior surfaces of the trash can.

Inventors: Bromber; Kevin (Tarzana, CA)


International Classification: B65D 83/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018