Patent Number: 7,708,199

Title: Electronic fund transfer or transaction system

Abstract: An electronic fund transfer (EFT) system capable of displaying a menu including one or more user-defined custom transactions associated with an identification card so that the user can select a desired transaction by a single selection or with limited inputs. The transactions may be defined by a user during a set-up/authorization operation and/or may be stored based on transactions performed by the user. Additionally, the transactions may be stored on the identification card, in a local memory of a transaction terminal and/or in a system memory of the EFT system. A single identification card may be used to enable the user to select from a plurality of financial accounts with different institutions. Another asset of an ATM system and method comprises a graphical user interface that enables a user to select a transaction type and the transaction parameters necessary to define that transaction from a single display. By use of a pointing device (and possibly other input devices), the user can select or change selections for the transaction type and/or transaction parameters. Preferably, the display is created using object-oriented programming and has a plurality of objects corresponding to the transaction type and transaction parameters. Using the pointing device, the user selects the transaction type. Once the transaction type is selected, the transaction parameters necessary to define the selected transaction type are selected. The ATM system may preselect transaction types and/or transaction parameters based on stored information relating to the user (such as a previous transaction or other information). If the selections are as the user desires them to be for the desired transaction, then the user can simply click on a command button (e.g. a button labeled "OK") to cause the transaction to be executed. This potentially reduces the number of inputs or selections that a user must make to execute a desire transaction.

Inventors: Gatto; James G. (Great Falls, VA)


International Classification: G06F 7/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018