Patent Number: 7,708,333

Title: Pivotable vehicle roof

Abstract: A convertible vehicle roof (20) comprises a forward roof element (22) and a rearward roof element (24). An unchangeable, upwardly opened, recessed storage area (14) for the roof elements is defined in a rear trunk lid (12). The forward roof element may be pivoted relative to the rearward roof element about a first axis (A1) that is perpendicular to the vehicle longitudinal plane. The forward roof element and the rearward roof element also may be pivoted together about a second axis (A2) that extends perpendicular to the vehicle longitudinal plane. At least the forward roof element is curved such that, in the open position of the vehicle roof, i.e. when it is folded onto the rearward roof element and is stored in the storage area, it forms a substantially continuous, curved outer shell together with the rear trunk lid.

Inventors: Kracht; Andre (Osnabruck, DE)

Assignee: Wilhelm Karmann GmbH

International Classification: B60J 7/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018