Patent Number: 7,708,400

Title: Protective temple covering

Abstract: Disclosed are systems and methods for manufacturing sleeves, a sleeve dispenser, and a method of manufacturing inexpensive, throwaway sleeves that may be used to protect temples from chemicals, germs, bacteria, and the like. Sleeves may be inexpensively manufactured using a single inexpensive raw material as well as an inexpensive manufacturing process in which no waste material is produced. Furthermore, sleeves may be produced as a compact roll of sleeves to accommodate unobtrusive placement in areas with limited space, thereby facilitating distribution in space-limited facilities such as hair salons, spas, optometrist or ophthalmologist offices, sunglass shops, and the like. In some embodiments, the sleeves include latitudinal and longitudinal perforations that facilitate removal of pairs of sleeves from the sleeve roll and removal of each of the pair of sleeves from each other. After separation, a sleeve aperture is passed over the temple until it is fully covered and protected.

Inventors: Coleman; Marilyn Lee (Green Pond, NJ), Coleman; William James (Green Pond, NJ)


International Classification: G02C 5/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018