Patent Number: 7,708,640

Title: Gaming machine having a persistence-of-vision display

Abstract: A gaming machine for conducting a wagering game includes a controller for selecting a game outcome from a plurality of game outcomes and a persistence-of-vision display for displaying the game outcome. The wagering game may, for example, be slots, poker, keno, bingo, blackjack, or roulette, and may be a basic game or a bonus game. The POV display may, for example, be a 360 degree display or a display employing a rapidly moving structure such as a wand, a hoop, a fan, or a disc. A 360 degree display is shaped generally like a cylinder and displays the game outcome with 2D imagery that is generated by selectively illuminating LEDs spinning in a circular direction about a surface of the cylinder. A display employing a rapidly moving structure has disposed about the periphery of the structure a plurality of LEDs that are selectively illuminated as the structure is moved in a direction that is cyclical, orbital, horizontal, vertical, arced, circular, or rotational.

Inventors: Burak; Gilbert J. Q. (Lincolnwood, IL), Fiden; Daniel P. (Chicago, IL)

Assignee: WMS Gaming Inc.

International Classification: A63F 13/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018