Patent Number: 7,708,651

Title: Golf putter with an adjustable handle and a shaft that rotates about the handle and method for using the same

Abstract: An improved putter having an adjustable handle, shaft, and putter head. The adjustable handle is configured for a first position or a second position. The shaft is connected with the adjustable handle and configured to rotate about the handle. The putter head is connected with the shaft and configured to move in a pendulum motion as the shaft rotates about the handle. The adjustable handle can be placed at a first position such that the handle is substantially perpendicular with respect to the shaft. The adjustable handle can be placed at a second position such that the handle is positioned in a vertical or upright position so that the golfer can easily place the improved putter into the golf bag after putting. In the first position, the golfer can use the pendulum motion of the putter head to putt a golf ball into the hole. Because the pendulum motion provides a stable motion for a putter head, the putter head can strike a golf ball with a higher degree of accuracy by moving along a target line and not deviating from that line. The improved putter also has a slidable grip on the shaft that allows the golfer to have a free flowing putting stroke.

Inventors: Shin; Hyung In (Northridge, CA)


International Classification: A63B 53/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018