Patent Number: 7,708,658

Title: Rotational and retractable golf putting device

Abstract: A golf putting device that comprises: (a) a rotating head that includes a retractable line, a clip that attaches the retractable line to a golf club, and a first connecting member; and (b) a base that can be inserted in a golf hole and includes a second connecting member located on top of the base. The rotating head is attached to the base by engaging the first connecting member onto the second connecting member, and the rotating head rotates on the second connecting member. In embodiments for off-hole use, the golf putting device may further include a plurality of removable legs attached to the base. The rotating head may also include a housing which encloses the retractable line. This housing includes an aperture through which the retractable line passes through. The retractable line is wrapped around a spool that includes a spring wound on an arbor.

Inventors: McInerney; Michael P. (Henderson, NV)


International Classification: A63B 57/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018