Patent Number: 7,708,825

Title: Sialite binary wet cement, its production method and usage method

Abstract: The technical field of the invention belongs to concrete and cement. The invention relates to a sialite binary wet cement and its package, transportation, storage and application. The sialite binary wet cement is composed of a "female body" as a primary component and a "male body" as a secondary component both of which are produced, stored, and transported separately, and are mixed together when they are used, wherein the "female body" and the "male body" each have a specific surface area of 2800-7500 cm.sup.2/g, the "female body" is mainly composed of inorganic cementitious materials and water, and it is in slurry, paste or wet powder form during the whole period of its production, storage, transportation and usage; the "male body" is mainly composed of inorganic cementitious materials, and it can be a wet form or a dry powder form. When they are used, the "female body" and the "male body" are mixed together with a small amount of regulating agents. There is no generation of dust, SO.sub.2, NOx and CO.sub.2 during production and application of the sialite binary wet cement. Therefore heavy pollution of a traditional cement industry is avoided, and energy consumption and cost of product are decreased. The starting materials of the said cement mainly come from natural mineral, various slag and cinder. The said cement can be used for building, traffic, water conservancy, mine filling, timbering, and solidation of roadbed.

Inventors: Sun; Henghu (Beijing, CN), Xu; Weirui (Beijing, CN), Gai; Guangju (Beijing, CN), Li; Shuqin (Beijing, CN)

Assignee: Tsinghua University

International Classification: C04B 14/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018