Patent Number: 7,709,016

Title: Insect proof boards

Abstract: The object of the present invention is to impart lasting excellent insect proof property to boards. According to the present invention, an insecticidal treatment liquid which contains an insecticide in an aqueous dispersion of colloidal silica is applied to the surface of a coat on a substrate applied with coating. Namely, according to the present invention, since a coating composition is not used to fix the insecticide to the surface of the coat, the insecticide is not diluted with a resin in the coating composition.

Inventors: Ido; Yasuhiro (Nagoya, JP)

Assignee: Nichiha Corporation

International Classification: A01N 25/34 (20060101); A01N 25/00 (20060101); B27K 3/15 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018