Patent Number: 7,709,820

Title: Radiation window with coated silicon support structure

Abstract: A window for a radiation detection system includes a frame with an aperture therein configured to receive radiation therethrough. A plurality of silicon ribs span the aperture and are carried by the frame. A coating substantially envelopes each of the plurality of silicon ribs. A thin film covers the aperture and is carried by the plurality of silicon ribs and is configured to pass radiation therethrough.

Inventors: Decker; Keith W. (Pleasant Grove, UT), Lines; Mike (Cedar Hills, UT), Xu; Degao (Provo, UT), Perkins; Raymond (Orem, UT)

Assignee: Moxtek, Inc.

International Classification: H01J 37/252 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018