Patent Number: 7,710,040

Title: Single layer construction for ultra small devices

Abstract: An array of ultra-small structures of between ones of nanometers to hundreds of micrometers in size that can be energized to produce at least two different frequencies of out put energy or data, with the ultra small structures being formed on a single conductive layer on a substrate. The array can include one row of different ultra small structures, multiple rows of ultra small structures, with each row containing identical structures, or multiple rows of a variety of structures that can produce all spectrums of energy or combinations thereof, including visible light.

Inventors: Gorrell; Jonathan (Gainesville, FL), Davidson; Mark (Florahome, FL), Tokarz; Jean (Hawthorne, FL), Trucco; Andres (Gainesville, FL)

Assignee: Virgin Islands Microsystems, Inc.

International Classification: H01J 25/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018