Patent Number: 7,710,485

Title: Solid-state image pickup apparatus with signal charge transfer adaptive to an image shooting condition

Abstract: A solid-state image pickup apparatus may improve, depending on the shooting condition, image degradation such as white balance offset or color mixture. An output scheme determiner defines, depending on shooting conditions such as shooting and sensitivity modes, output schemes such as the number of operative output circuits in an image sensor and a drive frequency of a horizontal transfer path. Depending on an output scheme, the vertical and transfer paths and output circuits in the image sensor are controlled, and one image sensing area is divided and the transfer rate of the horizontal path is reduced accordingly to produce an image signal. The determiner defines, in high sensitivity mode, the output scheme having a higher number of operative circuits and lower drive frequency. The apparatus may improve, without losing the high-speed reading, the horizontal transfer efficiency to avoid the transfer degradation and produce images free from degradation.

Inventors: Oshima; Hiroyuki (Asaka, JP)

Assignee: FujiFilm Corporation

International Classification: H04N 3/14 (20060101); H04N 5/335 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018