Patent Number: 7,710,999

Title: Policy calendar

Abstract: A calendar tool displays policies that are scheduled to function in managed networks. The tool allows the network administrator to select and view individual scheduled policies, many individual scheduled policies or scheduled policy suites. The calendar identifies the different scheduled policies as rectilinear colored blocks of time on a calendar. These blocks will open their properties forms when double selected. Overlaps of scheduled policies and gaps between scheduled policies can be identified visually on the calendar because they are displayed in two distinct blocks of color which are different from any other colored block displayed. The administrator/user can see all policies that contribute to an overlap by simply selecting on the particular overlap. The user can see calendar information either in a weekly or daily format.

Inventors: Bolder; Ronald Scott (Ottawa, CA), Nijemcevic; Sasa (Nepean, CA), Kiesekamp; David (Merrickville, CA), Truong; Bich-Le (Nepean, CA)

Assignee: Alcatel Lucent

International Classification: H04J 3/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018