Patent Number: 7,711,477

Title: Electronic tracking and ranging system

Abstract: An electronic tracked and ranging system is disclosed. Electronic tracked and ranging system applies interferometer principles to determine ranging distance from a monitor unit 10 to a tracked unit 12. In particular, the system transmits a monitor direct sequence spread spectrum (MDSSS) 52 from a monitor unit 10 to a tracked unit 12. Afterwards, tracked unit 12 transmits a tracked direct sequence spread spectrum (TDSSS) 56. Finally, monitor unit 10 receives TDSSS 56, performs a comparison to a reference MDSSS 52 locks signals between MDSSS 52 and TDSSS 56 and outputs distance between monitor unit 10 and tracked unit 12 using several phase comparisons. Multiple frequencies within MDSSS 52 are phase detected so as to increase accuracy of monitor unit 10 ranging distance to tracked unit 12.

Inventors: Pearce; Kent (San Juan Bautista, CA), Pratt; Teryl (Morgan Hill, CA)


International Classification: G01C 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018