Patent Number: 7,711,600

Title: In-store self-service ordering guide system and method

Abstract: A self-service shopper ordering guide system and method for use by retailers to customize product ordering promotions. An ordering guide database is synchronized with the retailer's product and inventory databases so that current product data is available to the system. The self-service ordering guide system comprises tools for developing and deploying screens to self-service terminals located throughout a store. A screen flow editor prompts a user to define screens for an order flow and to specify products from the ordering guide database to include on screens. The user's selections populate screen templates that comprise an order flow. Photographs and files for use in the screens and subscreens allow a retailer to create a customized look. A shopper using an in-store terminal is prompted to make selections from the screens to create an in-store order. The ordering guide system is further integrated with the retailer's fulfillment system for processing online orders.

Inventors: Curran; John (Saratoga, CA), Curran; Michael A. (Westerville, OH)

Assignee: Micro Industries Corporation

International Classification: E05B 75/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018