Patent Number: 7,711,609

Title: System and method for placing products or services and facilitating purchase

Abstract: A system and method for placing products or services within interactive television or radio programming or other programming, and for facilitating viewers' purchases thereof. The present invention allows viewers to mark and store placed products or services for later consideration or purchase; provides a virtual catalog entry showing such options as different colors, styles, or sizes, as may be appropriate given the nature of the product or service; identifies local or regional sources or providers of selected products or services; indicates availability and estimated delivery times for selected products or services; and allows for a greater variety of products and services to be placed.

Inventors: Rolf; Devon A. (Paola, KS)

Assignee: GoFigure Media, LLC

International Classification: G06Q 30/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018