Patent Number: 7,711,821

Title: Multiple resource control-advisor for management of distributed or web-based systems

Abstract: A system and method are provided for autonomic system management in a computing system containing system resources including network resources and multiple resource demands, or processes. The computing system may be a stream-processing system or other real-time computer management system, such as workload management, or a virtualization engine. The system and method enables achieving a better level of performance than would occur in the computing system using only existing mechanism. It permits, with very low computational overhead, achieving or driving the system closer to a user-defined system performance objective. To do so, a system performance equation is defined to determine a level of performance of the system as a function of the allocation of two or more system resources among a plurality of system resource demands or processes. From this system performance equation, a plurality of resource-specific change equations is derived. Each resource-specific change equation is capable of calculating changes in the level of performance of the system attributable to changes in the allocation of one of the system resources. The resource-specific change equation yielding the greatest change in the level of system performance at a given allocation of all of the system resources and the system resource associated with the identified resource-specific change equation are identified. The allocation of the identified associated system resource to at least one system resource demand to provide the largest increase in the level of performance of the system, and allocations for all system resources are adjusted in accordance with the modified allocation of the identified associated system resource.

Inventors: Pendarakis; Dimitrios (Westport, CT), Silber; Jeremy I. (New York, NY), Wynter; Laura (Chappaqua, NY)

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

International Classification: G06F 15/173 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018