Patent Number: 7,712,137

Title: Configuring and organizing server security information

Abstract: A server security schema that can incorporate server security-related expertise into an information model is provided. The novel server security schema component can be applied to an application server, a web server and/or a database server to converge knowledge into securing the server by identifying categories, vulnerabilities, threats, attacks and countermeasures. The novel schema can create a common framework that converges knowledge with respect to any server type. More particularly, the novel server security schema can address server categories including a share, a service, an account, an audit and log, a file and directory, a registry, a protocol, a port, and a patch and update category.

Inventors: Meier; John D. (Bellevue, WA)

Assignee: Microsoft Corporation

International Classification: G06F 21/00 (20060101); H04L 29/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/04/12018