Patent Number: 7,712,191

Title: Secure fastener for belts

Abstract: A secure fastener includes a fastening device and a security device. The fastening device includes a base, a handle pivotally installed on the base between a slackening position and a fastening position and a latch movably installed on the handle for engagement with the base in the fastening position. A first crossbar is installed on the base so that a first belt can be attached to the first crossbar. Second and third crossbars are installed on the handle so that a second belt can be directed past the third crossbar, wound around the second crossbar and directed past the third crossbar again. The security device is installed on the base and moveably urged by the handle so that the security device can be moved to push the second belt against the third crossbar in the fastening position.

Inventors: Huang; Chi-San (Changhua Hsien, TW)


International Classification: B25B 25/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018