Patent Number: 7,712,246

Title: Vertical rodent trap

Abstract: The vertical rodent trap provides a rodent trap that is oriented in a substantially vertical direction and spaced apart from a support surface, thus requiring a rodent to achieve a substantially vertical position in order to attempt to remove bait therefrom. This vertical position of the rodent is optimal for capture and killing thereof. The vertical rodent trap includes a conventional rodent trap that is vertically spaced apart from a horizontal support surface, such as the ground. A base, adapted for being horizontally mounted on the horizontal support surface, is further provided, and the lower end of a rod is secured to the base. The rod projects upwardly from the base and supports the conventional rodent trap, both spacing the rodent trap from the base and vertically orienting the rodent trap. Preferably, steel wool is secured to a bait-receiving member of the rodent trap for retaining bait thereto.

Inventors: Desmither; Larry J. (Keaau, HI)


International Classification: A22C 21/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018