Patent Number: 7,712,421

Title: Pallet

Abstract: A pallet for receiving and transporting loads, having an upper platform for receiving the loads, and a substructure, which supports the upper platform and is constructed of an upper part and a lower part and several support members inserted between them. A good shock absorption, along with a rugged construction, is achieved because the support members each is of a held-together bundle of spike-like individual elements, which extend between the upper part and the lower part, can be laterally deflected with respect to each other and have damping properties.

Inventors: Hartel; Marc Andreas (Reiskirchen, DE), Harder; Deane (Freiburg, DE), Milwich; Markus (Reutlingen, DE), Monnerat; Henrique (Frankfurt, DE), Speck; Thomas (Schallstadt-Mengen, DE)

Assignee: Rittal GmbH & Co., KG

International Classification: B65D 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018