Patent Number: 7,712,486

Title: Modular surface mount manifold

Abstract: A modular manifold system is provided for interconnecting fluid components of a fluid system in a reduced area. The system is comprised of a one or more bridge fittings having an internal fluid passageway which has an inlet end in fluid communication with an outlet port of a first fluid component, and an outlet end in fluid communication with an inlet port of a second fluid component. The bridge fittings may be mounted within a channel of a backing plate for structural support. An optional locator plate may be utilized which is mounted over the ends of the bridge fittings in order to align the inlet and outlet ports of the fluid components with the inlet and outlet ends of the bridge fittings. The bridge fittings may also be mounted to the locator plate in multiple directions forming multiple flow paths. Additionally, the bridge fittings may be stacked to form multiple layers where bridge fittings of one layer may be in fluid communication with bridge fittings of another layer. The invention may further comprise seals provided in a recess between the fluid ports and the mating bridge fittings ends.

Inventors: Eidsmore; Paul E. (Santa Cruz, CA)

Assignee: Swagelok Company

International Classification: F16K 11/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018