Patent Number: 7,712,510

Title: Tire installation tool

Abstract: An installation tool for mounting a tire to a wheel, the tire and wheel defining a central axis, the tire having opposing annular sides and two circumferential beads that define an opening through the opposing annular sides and the wheel having shoulders for receiving the circumferential bead, the installation tool comprising a shoe having an upper axial side, a lower axial side and an outer radial side, wherein the shoe includes a beveled transition zone that extends across at least a part of at least one of the upper axial side and the outer radial side, the beveled transition zone defining a bead drawing surface that mounts the bead of the tire to the shoulder of the wheel when rotatable movement is introduced between the tire and the shoe.

Inventors: Zoller; Patrick W. (Royal Oak, MI)

Assignee: Android Industries LLC

International Classification: B60C 25/138 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018