Patent Number: 7,712,514

Title: Sputter targets and methods of manufacturing same to reduce particulate emission during sputtering

Abstract: Methods for reducing inclusion content of sputter targets and targets so produced are disclosed. Inclusions may be reduced by adding a small amount of Si to the molten Al or molten Al alloy followed by filtering of the molten metals through a filter medium. Targets having substantially no inclusions therein of greater than about 400 .mu.m are especially useful in the sputtering of large flat panel displays and result, upon sputtering, in a reduction in the amount of macroparticles sputtered onto the substrate.

Inventors: Wickersham, Jr.; Charles E. (Columbus, OH), Poole; John E. (Grove City, OH), Leybovich; Alexander (Hilliard, OH), Zhu; Lin (Grove City, OH)

Assignee: Tosoh SMD, Inc.

International Classification: B22D 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018