Patent Number: 7,712,544

Title: Tool bar with forward folding wings

Abstract: The forward folding tool bar for grain planters includes a main frame. Left and right pivot frames are pivotally attached to the main frame for pivotal movement about vertical axes. Wing assemblies are pivotally connected to the pivot frames for pivotal movement about horizontal fore and aft axes. A tongue assembly includes a rear tube fixed to the main frame. A forward tube is telescopically received in the rear tube. A mast is fixed to the forward end of the forward tube. A pantographic linkage includes draft links pivotally attached to the mast and a hitch member. A hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the mast. The draft links include slots that receive bar portions attached to the rear tube, in a lowered working position. Telescopic tension connector links attached to the mast and the wings prevent pivotal movement of the pivot frames when telescopic movement is blocked.

Inventors: Misenhelder; John G. (Ithaca, MI), Harkness; Douglas Dean (Ithaca, MI)


International Classification: A01B 49/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018