Patent Number: 7,712,730

Title: Shock dampener bumper for motor-vehicles

Abstract: Shock dampener bumper for motor-vehicles, adapted to be applied on to motor-vehicles of various kind, both for personal uses and for sports contests, for protecting the constructive structure of each motor-vehicle from any possible damage and/or breakage thereof, in the case in which the motor-vehicle falls. Bumper composed of first and second component parts combined and assembled to each other with adequate arrangements, of which said first component parts (disc 8, bush 10 and cap 11) are made of semi-rigid materials such as magnesium, plastic, Teflon, aluminium and other metallic and/or plastic materials having similar characteristics, which are able to be fixed to and supported by the motor-vehicle constructive structure and to come into contact with the ground during the fall of the motor-vehicle, and said second component parts (disc 9) are made of elastic material, preferably elastomers such as for example rubber, said second component parts (9) being interposed between said first component parts (8, 10, 11), for damping and absorbing the energy of shocks and related vibrations, which are produced during the fall and which are transmitted to the motor-vehicle constructive structure.

Inventors: Fabrizio; Furlan (Ponte della Priula, IT)

Assignee: Lightech S.r.L.

International Classification: F16F 15/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018