Patent Number: 7,712,731

Title: Gutter clamp

Abstract: The gutter clamp is a handheld clamp allowing a user to temporarily clamp a gutter to a support surface, such as a face board, while work is being performed on the gutter. The gutter clamp includes an handle portion and a clamping portion extending from the handle portion. The clamping portion includes first and second clamping members joined to the handle portion in such a manner that the clamping members pivot toward and away from each other. The first clamping member is adapted for contacting an outer face of the support surface, and the second clamping member has a substantially U-shaped upper end, allowing the upper end to be mounted on an outer wall of the gutter, and to securely contact an inner face of the outer wall, the handles being resiliently biased to hold the clamping members, thus releasably securing the gutter to the support surface.

Inventors: Candiff; Alban J. (Nipomo, CA)


International Classification: B25B 5/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018