Patent Number: 7,712,759

Title: Adjustable resilient bicycle training wheel assembly

Abstract: A training wheel assembly for standard bicycles comprises training wheels connected by resilient legs to a dynamic compression fitting. The wheels project generally rearwardly and outwardly apart from the bicycle rear. Adjustable mounting brackets enable wheel height to be varied. The dynamic compression fitting comprises an adjustable flange section mounted to the bicycle frame within the standard trapezoidal void to the rear of the crank sleeve. A pair of yoke segments can be slidably adjusted to accommodate varying dimensions. An intermediate flexing section resiliently coupled beneath the flange section receives ends of the legs and establishes an up and down pivot. A damper section connected beneath the intermediate section comprises a rigid, tubular sleeve that slidably receives a tubular cap. A resilient grommet coaxially confined between the sleeve and the cap is compressed by an elongated through bolt coaxially penetrating the compression fitting. The bolt establishes a radial pivot.

Inventors: Bell; William Mark (Romance, AR)


International Classification: B62H 1/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018