Patent Number: 7,712,950

Title: Detachable light assembly

Abstract: An improved multi-point locking mechanism in combination with a lamp assembly and a support assembly with mating, cooperating plug connectors providing a detachable lamp assembly for use on vehicles, such as boat trailers, for quick removal before exposure to corrosive water. The improved locking mechanism, in addition to providing a means for quick detachment and removal of the light assembly, provides a stronger and durable engagement with the support assembly preventing accidental dislodgement while towing vehicles, like boat trailers. The locking mechanism comprising a corrosive resistant L-shaped member having a horizontal extending plate with a hole through the distal end, and a downward depending section retractably positioned within the support assembly. In the engaged position, the L-shaped member being in a downward position, a receiving pin on the lamp assembly is mated with the support assembly by alignment with the hole in the horizontal plate and the depending section being in communication with a cut-out section in the cooperating plug connector providing the multi-point locking mechanism.

Inventors: Addario; Aldo (Charlestown, RI)

Assignee: Addario; A

International Classification: H01R 33/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018