Patent Number: 7,713,182

Title: Exercise devices

Abstract: An exercise device comprises a frame, including a pair of arcuate rails having a central curved portion, a first end, and a second end. The pair of rails are disposed in fixed parallel relation with one another with a first end member interconnecting the first ends of the rails and a second end member interconnecting the second ends of the rails. The exercise device further comprises a platform operatively connected to the frame for supporting a person thereon. The device may be oriented in various orientations including: 1) a rocking orientation wherein the curved portions of the pair of rails abut a surface on which the device is placed such that the device may move in a rocking motion relative to the surface and 2) a stationary orientation wherein the first end member and the second end member abut the surface on which the device is placed such that the device is stationary relative to the surface.

Inventors: Bizzell; Daniel Lee (Davidson, NC), Donati; Andrew (Charlotte, NC), Gorman; Ryan (Charlotte, NC), Hoy; Chris (Charlotte, NC), Stancombe; Todd (Charlotte, NC)

Assignee: Edison Nation, LLC

International Classification: A63B 26/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018