Patent Number: 7,713,651

Title: Electrochemical cell

Abstract: A secondary electrochemical cell with at least one positive electrode includes an active material and one negative electrode, which are held directly in a hermetically tight housing which has at least one detector element or which is dynamically connected to one such detector element. The detector element is designed or can be set to acquire a predetermined unallowable operating state of the secondary electrochemical cell, and in an unallowable operating state of the secondary electrochemical cell, to actuate at least one switching element which prevents recharging and/or discharging of the secondary electrochemical cell. By making the housing as a hermetically tight protective housing, which is part of an implantable medical device, contamination of surrounding tissue with toxic substances and hazard to the implant wearer by the malfunction of the secondary electrochemical cell can be precluded under all operating conditions with simultaneously great reduction of all dimensions.

Inventors: Leysieffer; Hans (Taufkirchen, DE), Fiedler; Dirk A. (Ismaning, DE), Muller; Dieter (Meitingen, DE)

Assignee: Cochlear Limited

International Classification: H01M 10/48 (20060101); H01M 2/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018