Patent Number: 7,714,294

Title: Radiation detecting apparatus and radiographing system

Abstract: A radiation detecting apparatus includes: a sensor panel having a substrate and a photoelectric conversion element array arranged on the substrate; a scintillator layer arranged on one surface side of the sensor panel; and a light generator arranged on the sensor panel at the other side in opposition to the one side on which the scintillator layer is arranged, in corresponding to an area in which the photoelectric conversion element array is arranged. The light generator includes a light transmitting electrode layer, a rear electrode layer and a light emitting layer arranged between the light transmitting electrode layer and the rear electrode. The light emitting layer according to a first aspect is formed from light emitting substance, a binder and a black pigment. The light emitting layer according to a second aspect contains a first pigment or dye absorbing a light of the same wavelength of a maximum light emission from the scintillator layer, and a second pigment or dye different from the first pigment or dye.

Inventors: Sawada; Satoru (Kodama-gun, JP), Okada; Satoshi (Zama, JP), Inoue; Masato (Kumagaya, JP), Nagano; Kazumi (Fujisawa, JP), Takeda; Shinichi (Honjo, JP), Nomura; Keiichi (Honjo, JP), Ogawa; Yoshihiro (Hachioji, JP)

Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

International Classification: G01T 1/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018