Patent Number: 7,714,623

Title: Agile high resolution arbitrary waveform generator with jitterless frequency stepping

Abstract: Jitterless transition of the programmable clock waveform is generated employing a set of two coupled direct digital synthesis (DDS) circuits. The first phase accumulator in the first DDS circuit runs at least one cycle of a common reference clock for the DDS circuits ahead of the second phase accumulator in the second DDS circuit. As a phase transition through the beginning of a phase cycle is detected from the first phase accumulator, a first phase offset word and a second phase offset word for the first and second phase accumulators are calculated and loaded into the first and second DDS circuits. The programmable clock waveform is employed as a clock input for the RAM address controller. A well defined jitterless transition in frequency of the arbitrary waveform is provided which coincides with the beginning of the phase cycle of the DDS output signal from the second DDS circuit.

Inventors: Reilly; Peter T. A. (Knoxville, TN), Koizumi; Hideya (Oakridge, TN)

Assignee: UT-Battelle, LLC

International Classification: H03B 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018