Patent Number: 7,714,721

Title: Anti-theft ring tag

Abstract: An anti-theft tag deterring theft of a ring is provided. The anti-theft tag includes an elongated housing for accommodating an EAS marker, a product support member that locks into the housing and which supports the ring, and a flexible, tear resistant strap for securing the ring to the support member, the strap being disposed at least partially within the housing during use. In one embodiment, the support member includes an arcuate seat portion for supporting a circular shank portion of the ring, and a locking member that locks into a corresponding cavity in the housing. In use, the tear resistant strap extends over the ring shank, and the strap ends are received within the cavity of the housing to protect the strap from unauthorized removal by a consumer.

Inventors: Feibelman; Jeffrey (Providence, RI), Brown; David (Cumberland, RI)

Assignee: Display Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: G08B 13/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018