Patent Number: 7,715,213

Title: Cable management rack for telecommunication cross-connect systems

Abstract: The present disclosure relates to a rack for telecommunications equipment. The rack includes a frame defining a bay opening sized and shaped for receiving a plurality of jack modules. The rack also includes a first set of cable management brackets that define a first vertical channel arranged and configured for receiving and vertically managing a plurality of cross-connect cables. Each of the cable management brackets includes a pivot portion that is pivotally movable relative to the frame. The pivot portions are pivotally movable between first positions in which the pivot portions extend partially across a front of the bay opening, and second positions in which the pivot portions are generally offset from the front of the bay opening. The present disclosure also relates to a rack for telecommunications equipment that includes rear cable management structure that defines a plurality of vertical channels along a back side of the rack. The present disclosure further relates to a telecommunications jack module including an array of jacks arranged in top and bottom horizontal rows. The jack module also includes an array of cross-connect locations positioned beneath the bottom horizontal row of jacks. The array of cross-connect locations is electrically connected to both the top and bottom rows of jacks.

Inventors: Mendoza; Jose-Filonel Tawag (Brooklyn Center, MN)

Assignee: ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

International Classification: H02B 1/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018