Patent Number: 7,715,701

Title: Camera systems, methods and units therefor

Abstract: A system whose most common use is that of inspecting conduits such as sewers, drainage pipes, water, gas and oil conduits. The system comprises the following individual components: a rotary contact assembly, a control unit, a push rod assembly, and a video camera assembly mounted on a carrier. It also includes a video display unit which may be on the carrier or separately provided. Each of these components may be easily disconnected and reconnected so that any failed component can be determined and replaced in the field, yet maintaining the system's integrity against damage from the type of effluent in which it is required to operate. There are novel splices for damaged wires and/or push rods. Such splices are for damage repairs and changes in length of push rod assemblies which can done in the field instead of having to return the entire system to have any repairs made.

Inventors: Lange; Frederick M. (Fort Myers, FL)


International Classification: G03B 37/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018