Patent Number: 7,716,349

Title: Electronic book library/bookstore system

Abstract: The invention, an electronic book selection and delivery system, is a new way to distribute books and other textual information to bookstores, libraries and consumers. The primary components of the system are a subsystem for placing text in a video signal format and a subsystem for receiving and selecting text that is placed in the video signal format. The system configuration for consumer use contains additional components and optional features that enhance the system, namely: (1) an operations center, (2) a video distribution system, (3) a home subsystem, including reception, selection, viewing, transacting and transmission capabilities, and (4) a billing and collection system. The operations center and/or video distribution points perform the functions of manipulation of text data, security and coding of text, cataloging of books, messaging center, and uplink functions. The electronic books may be provided to an intermediate point such as a library or a bookstore. From the library or bookstore, electronic books may be provided to consumers for viewing on the home subsystem. The library may store electronic books for lending on a file server. The library may incorporate security features to prevent unauthorized copying of the electronic books, such as including a time out feature that disables the electronic book after a specified period.

Inventors: Hendricks; John S. (Potomac, MD)

Assignee: Discovery Communications, Inc.

International Classification: G06F 15/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/11/12018