Patent Number: 7,732,514

Title: Filler composites

Abstract: A composition comprising a plastics material, an inorganic particulate solid such as aluminium trihydrate and a coupling modified of formula A-(X--Y--CO).sub.m(O--B--CO).sub.nOH wherein A is a moiety containing a terminating ethylenic group with one or two adjacent carbonyl groups; X is a direct bond, O or N; Y is C.sub.1-18-alkylene or C.sub.2-18-alkenylene; B is C.sub.2-6-alkylene; m is from 1 to 4 and n is from 0 to 5 provided that when A contains two carbonyl groups adjacent to the ethylenic group then X is N. Specific examples of coupling modifiers are .beta.-carboxyl ethylacrylate and 5-carboxy pentyl maleimide.

Inventors: Rothon; Roger Norman (Cheshire, GB), Thetford; Dean (Manchester, GB), Richards; Stuart Nicholas (Manchester, GB), Schofield; John David (Manchester, GB)

Assignee: The Lubrizol Corporation

International Classification: C08K 5/3415 (20060101); C08K 3/00 (20060101); C08K 5/09 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-06-08 0:00:00