Patent Number: 7,752,965

Title: Printing press inking systems

Abstract: A series of pumps for precise metering of ink to all zones of a web press. One set of the ink pumps is operated by a set of motors, one motor for every two zones. The motors are reversible, preferably with a toothed belt driving each pump. The other units include one motor for each pump, with the motor driving a shaft which drives a link arm, the link arm driving a pivot shaft with a variable stroke, ranging from zero to a full output. The link arms are driven individually or as a group, and each has its own stroke. In one case, the pivot shafts are operated by link arms which can be in or out of phase with each other. In another case, an eccentric on the drive shaft can be adjusted to produce a variable stroke of the link arms and the pivot shafts.

Inventors: Atwater; Richard G. (Rockford, IL), Eighmy; Clifford (Loma Linda, MO)

Assignee: Controls Group Incorporated

International Classification: B41F 31/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-07-13 0:00:00