Patent Number: 7,761,930

Title: Cord holding garment

Abstract: A garment, in the form of an apron, holds an electrical cord out of the way. The apron includes an elongated length of material having a front panel, a rear panel, and a neck portion adapted to fit about a person's neck and a plurality of releasable fasteners for securing the cord to the elongated length of material. The length of material is adapted to cover a person's torso. The releasable fasteners may be attached to the neck portion and to the elongated length of material. Each of the fasteners may include a strap adapted to hold the cord and hook and loop type fasteners.

Inventors: Krause; Aaron C. (Cherry Hill, NJ), Denenberg; Saul (Blue Bell, PA)

Assignee: Innovative Accessory Products Inc.

International Classification: A41D 13/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018