Patent Number: 7,761,945

Title: Apparatus and methods for preventing pressure ulcers in bedfast patients

Abstract: A mattress and temperature control system for preventing pressure ulcers is provided. The mattress and temperature control system may include at least two chambers that may be alternately pressurized to each independently support a patient's body reclined on the mattress at different times. In some embodiments, the chambers may be implemented as an inflatable tubing system including at least two inflatable tubing circuits each having inflatable tubes disposed adjacent one another in an alternating manner. The tubes may be inflated with liquid or gas fluids. The system may include a tube pressurizing control device for controlling the inflation of the at least two inflatable tubing circuits in an alternating manner. A gas permeable membrane may encapsulate the inflatable tubing system and may be used to move air between the patient and the mattress for cooling and to remove any moisture.

Inventors: Butler; Glenn (Tarrytown, NY)

Assignee: Life Support Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: A47C 27/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018