Patent Number: 7,762,105

Title: Backup structure for an uprising pipe or downfalling pipe in a vacuum degassing apparatus

Abstract: A backup structure for an uprising pipe or a downfalling pipe of a vacuum degassing apparatus including the uprising pipe, a vacuum degassing vessel and the downfalling pipe, comprises the uprising pipe or the downfalling being made of platinum or a platinum alloy and having refractory bricks disposed therearound; and the refractory bricks having a thermal expansion relief member disposed on a top end thereof, the thermal expansion relief member comprising a material selected from a metal material and a ceramic material having a creep strength (JIS Z2271: 1993) of 35 MPa or above at C.

Inventors: Takeshita; Shinji (Amagasaki, JP), Ishimura; Kazuhiko (Amagasaki, JP), Nagano; Sei (Yokohama, JP)

Assignee: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

International Classification: C03B 5/18 (20060101); C03B 5/20 (20060101); C03B 5/182 (20060101); C03B 5/167 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018