Patent Number: 7,762,198

Title: Fixture with means to adapt the positions of loading ledges

Abstract: A fixture to be used for formation of unit loads of one or more packages on loading ledges is shown. The fixture can adapt the positions of the loading ledges depending on the size and form of the unit loads to be formed. The fixture has a rectangular frame formed of two parallel long struts and two short struts between the ends of the long struts. A number of further intermediate short struts may be arranged between the long struts to stabilize the frame. Four transversal bars are arranged moveable on the long struts. On each transversal bar, two cups are received, of which at least one cup is received moveable on the transversal bar. The cups are to receive the loading ledges.

Inventors: Rasmusson; Tobias (Lerberget, SE), Larsson; Peter (Almhult, SE)

Assignee: Inter Ikea Systems B.V.

International Classification: B65D 19/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018