Patent Number: 7,762,212

Title: Self-cleaning animal watering device

Abstract: A self-cleaning, low-maintenance, water-saving automated animal watering device (10) is provided which includes a watering tank (12) moveable between a lower, water-full condition and an upper, water-low condition. Preferably, one end of the tank (12) is pivotally supported by a pivot shaft (64), while the other end of the tank is biased upwardly via a lower lift spring (72). The device (10) also has a water fill assembly (16) operably coupled with tank (12) to selectively fill the tank (12) when needed, and a drain valve assembly (18) also coupled with tank (12) in order to completely drain the tank (12) on a periodic basis. A control assembly (20) is coupled with at least the tank (12) and drain valve assembly (18), and is operable to actuate the drain valve assembly (18) after a predetermined number of movements of the tank (12) between the elevated and lowered positions thereof.

Inventors: Drouillard; James S (Olsburg, KS), Henry; Jared (Manhattan, KS), Sattler; David M (Herndon, KS)

Assignee: Kansas State University Research Foundation

International Classification: A01K 7/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018