Patent Number: 7,762,223

Title: Valve train of an internal combustion engine

Abstract: A valve train (1) of an internal combustion engine (2), said valve train (1) comprising a support element (10) and a finger lever (5) or a rocker arm for operating a gas exchange valve, said finger lever (5) or rocket arm comprising a joint socket (8) comprising a semispherical portion (12) for mounting the finger lever (5) or rocker arm on a joint head (9) of the support element and further comprising, adjacent to the semispherical portion, a depression (13) from which a spray bore (20) starts to extend through the joint socket, the spray bore (20) is in hydraulic communication with a supply bore (19) that extends through the joint head which provides a valve body (15a, 15b) that is arranged for displacement in the depression and comprises a projection (18), so that, in the closed position of the gas exchange valve, the spray bore and the supply bore are substantially or entirely separated hydraulically from each other by a snapping of the projection into the supply bore.

Inventors: Christgen; Wolfgang (Seukendorf, DE), Kern; Thomas (Dormitz, DE)

Assignee: Schaeffler KG

International Classification: F01L 1/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018