Patent Number: 7,762,248

Title: Magnetic paint ball gun bolt apparatus

Abstract: A magnetic paint ball gun firing apparatus provides magnetic coupling between rigid components that are used to position paint balls within a paint ball gun. When force is applied to one of the pair of magnets, the force will be transmitted through the magnetic fields to the second magnet. In several of the embodiments, this magnetic coupling offers low resistance to movement when the magnets are in an initial substantially spaced apart relationship. Such low force coupling ensures gentle handling of the paint balls. However, as the limits of travel are approached, the magnetic coupling will exponentially increase forces between the magnets, preventing a "bottoming out" of the coupling. In other disclosed embodiments, magnets are arranged in a pulling arrangement, with opposite poles attracting each other. In these instances, break-away forces are high, but once separated, forces drop exponentially. Illustrated embodiments include magnetic bolt pin couplings, magnetic break-away bolts, and magnetic bolt tips. In addition to magnetic coupling, a bolt is provided that has a front core for improved airflow dynamics. The core may optionally be interchangeable with alternative cores having different geometries and resultant different flow patterns.

Inventors: Squire; Rob (Maple Grove, MN)


International Classification: F41B 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018