Patent Number: 7,762,275

Title: Valve stem shaft housing

Abstract: The present invention may be used to protect fluid flow valve stem shafts. A telescoping element may include a telescoping cover attached to a base. The base may have a bottom with a shaft aperture and an upstanding wall attached at a peripheral edge. A telescoping element housing may have a plurality of clips attached to a first end. The telescoping element housing may be inserted in the base with the clips engaging a plurality of apertures in the upstanding wall. A plurality of telescoping members may each have a lower outward extending flange and an upper inward extending flange and may be disposed in the telescoping element housing. A cap may be disposed in the telescoping members positioned for attachment to an upper end of a stem shaft.

Inventors: Ventura; Thomas (Huntington Beach, CA)


International Classification: F16K 27/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018