Patent Number: 7,762,279

Title: Threaded coupling with flow shutoff

Abstract: A thread to connect coupling comprising a female coupling half and a male coupling half is disclosed and claimed wherein the male coupling half includes a recess in the exterior of the male body which extends circumferentially therearound. The female coupling half includes a valve, a female body, and a female body extension affixed to the female body. The female body further includes a sliding sleeve movable with respect to the valve between a first position abutting and closing the valve and a second position opening the valve. The male body interengages the sliding sleeve and moves therewith during coupling and uncoupling. During uncoupling, the sliding sleeve is reliably positioned sealingly against the valve because the sliding sleeve is interlocked with the male body such that as the male body is withdrawn from the female body the sliding sleeve comes with the male body. Separation of the coupling halves requires that an outer sleeve release a second set of detents which acts as a permissive to uncoupling. The coupling halves may not be separated by vibrating the threaded surfaces of the respective coupling halves apart.

Inventors: Zeiber; Dennis (Erie, PA), Wilkins; Steve (Union City, PA)

Assignee: Snap-Tite Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: F16L 37/23 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018